All living things are predisposed to certain Health Issues, unfortunately this is part of our life cycle, for humans, plants and animals. Below is a list of Health Issues in Poodles. Some affect only one of the varieties and some plague the breed as a whole. (All dogs, humans, plants, and animals have a list such as this, no exception!)

Through ethical breeding practices we can greatly reduce the risk of developing or carrying genetic health defects. New puppy owners can help to, by keeping in contact with the breeder with short notes once a year. Breeders like myself enjoy hearing about their pups, the good, and the bad. This information is the key to managing a healthy breeding program.

Cushings Gastric Dilatation – Volvalus ( Bloat )
Epilepsy Hypothyroidism Optic Nerve Hypoplasia
P R A Legg – Calve – Perthes Sepaceous Adenitis ( SA )
Addison’s Patellar luxation Von Willebrand’s disease ( vWD )
Hip Dysplasia Contact your nearest Poodle Club for more information on these health issues.

The majority population

acquire pets on impulse. It is human nature to love and protect the first little pup that touches your heart.

(It’s an unethical breeders market !)

When you purchase a worthy product one looks at the workmanship and considers the longevity of its life. Most people look for a guarantee on any product. The guarantee is protection for the buyer and to an extent confirms the quality of the product, if the product has no guarantee and you buy it, it’s yours, problems and all!

Don’t buy on impulse, some breeders count on you falling in love with that puppy. Many breeders state how can you guarantee a life. In truth you can’t! However an ethical breeder will strive to breed out health problems and in doing so can afford to place at least a one-year genetic guarantee on their work or in other words their pups.

It is every breeders responsibility to provided some information on their breed. I hope this information reminds you how beautiful yet complex living creatures are. As mentioned earlier all living things are predisposition to certain Health Issues, unfortunately this is part of our life cycle, for humans, plants and animals. I encourage you to continue to educate yourself in order to make informed decision on purchasing any puppy. If you have any question please feel free to e-mail me.