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My everyday life and career, I breed Toy Poodles professionally. My dogs live in my home with me and my family. If and when I leave my home to do errands I am back in less then 2 hours. I put most of my dogs in their beds so they will be safe when I am gone. The beds are large and the dogs are small they feel more content with a companion. If I have older puppies they may be left out to run and play with their mothers. My dogs have access to water all day, and they eat in the kitchen. Bed time is to sleep or rest, not eat, like we do with a child, no food and drinks in bed. In the spring & summer when I have puppies they are safe in a crib or wire playpen on newspaper and blankets. When my dogs are indoors they are trained or in training to do their business on boot mats, sometimes they miss, that happens, but as soon as I notice the accident I clean it up immediately. Coming back from errands with puppies it is not a surprise to find that the puppies in training have left one or 2 little puppy poops beside the boot mats rather than on the mat, this is to be expected. I breed Toy Poodles and occasionally I am blessed with a few specialty teacup sizes. 
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What is a Teacup?

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What is a Tiny Toy?

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Female Tiny Teacup #1

Estimated adult weight 2.8 pounds

Karen's poodles

Female Tiny Teacup #1

Estimated adult weight 2.8 pounds

Karen's poodles








 2.12  lbs @ 10 months   

Tiny Teacup Ice-White Female

Estimated adult size

2.12 to 3 pounds


lives in Italy now!


 Email: houlel@onlink.net

Price list / Shipping & reservations

 Please consider adopting a pet from an animal shelter! 

North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

   Email: houlel@onlink.net


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 Standard Poodles bred 
                for health and temperament. Ideal as working dogs as well as companions.



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