Out of all dog breeds

(Poodles) rank # 1 in Trainability and # 2 in intelligence.

Poodles make excellent Therapy dogs do to their trainability and gentle manner.

Poodles are well tolerated by people with allergies,

Poodles do not shed

Life span approximately 14-16 years.

Toy Poodles are well suited for apartment life.

Toy poodles don’t need a lot of exercise, a short walk or play fetch.

Toy Poodles can become fussy eaters, most often do to oversized kibble.

Feed your Toy poodle high quality dog food, very small dry to semi dry kibble is best.

Toy Poodles make excellent traveling companions.

Regular brushing, clipping every 4 to 8 weeks; nails and ear care monthly.

My Teacups are not runts in a litter, they are bred down in size through many generations.

Do to the tiny delicate size of some of my poodles, homes with older children are best.

My Teacups are small but just as healthy as my Toys, a 1 year guarantee goes with every puppy.