You will need:

play-pen or exercise pen 4’x4′
Fleece blank
Water and food bowls
Toy poodle breed specific homemade dog food or a high quality commercial dog food,
Royal Canin puppy, Eukanuba puppy food or Science diet puppy, dry and canned. Food from your vet is an excellent idea as well.

Slicker brush and comb
Shampoo with condition
A body harness & leash, these are more for safety. If the teacup wiggles out of your grip or if they are placed in the arms of someone they are not comfortable with, they will jump to get away, a short leash will stop him before he lands on the floor. (Leash must be short.)
Nutrical from your vet.

A source of sugar (Karo syrup, corn syrup, or honey) always have handy.

A good quality rubber boot mat, to go to the bathroom on.

Small electric heating pad on low heat only. (supervise when near puppy)


Young teacups need frequent rest periods to replenish their energy level. 30 minutes of play time is long enough. Offer a little food & water, then in the playpen for a nap.


Tiny Teacup puppies should be fed every 2 hours. Remember to give Nutrical first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Teacups every 2 to 3 hours. At 6 months old 4 times a day for life. Nutrical morning and night as well.

Tiny Toys 3 times a day. At 6 month 2 times a day.


Teacups get cold easy. If your teacup is close to the floor, that is where it is the coldest. Place the playpen where there are no drafts. If the playpen has no legs, raise it up off the floor.


Never give a Teacup cold water, he will drink it but his body temperature will drop to low and cause him to shiver. Room temperature is okay.


For Teacups give 1/2 inch of Nutrical in the morning and again a bedtime. Tiny Toys don’t need this.


Your puppy will have received his first 2 vaccines from me. You are required to provide the third vaccine. Your vet must ONLY give 1/2 vaccine to your Teacup, if your vet says your dog can handle a full vaccine, don’t listen! YOUR TEACUP MAY DIE!

Booster vaccines contain several vaccines in one, follow the same booster routine I have started with. (Do not give your Teacup any other medication at the same time as it receives a booster vaccine.) No drops, no creams nothing, Wait 10 days. Please call me regarded rabies vaccines.


Your little teacup needs a friend his size to play with. His life will be more complete with a close companion. We are giants compared to him. We need to get down on our bellies to be at his tiny level. Life can be lonely for these little guys, because they truly are in a world of there own. A friend must be his size so neither one over powers the other.


Teacups and tiny toys most always retain baby teeth. Clean teeth and health gums is the key to a long health life for all small dog. Brush your dogs teeth every day. Have the vet pull the retained baby teeth out when the adult teeth are about half way through the gums, this is a must as baby teeth rot making your puppy sick.


Abnormally low blood glucose (sugar) levels.


Hypoglycemia can occur without warning to a healthy puppy,

if placed into a new home, misses a meal, becomes chilled or is otherwise stressed

by over playing or a traumatic event.

The signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia are similar regardless of the cause.

These include lethargy, weakness, in coordination, seizures,

nervousness, tremors, unable to stand or walk and hunger.

In severe cases the dog may become unconscious and die.

Emergency treatment of hypoglycemia

Administer glucose. Give a quickly absorbed source of sugar (Karo syrup, corn syrup, honey, or jam) by mouth. If puppy is awake Give 1cc or ¼ teaspoon of syrup, wait 10 minutes then give 1cc again. It is important to keep the dog warm, place it against your own skin. Rub the dog gently, stimulate it by gently moving the head from side to side and moving the limbs as well.

If the puppy is to weak to take the syrup do what you can to open it’s mouth and rub some syrup on its gums. Go immediately to a vet.

Once the dog is up and walking do not allow it to drink for one hour. Water will dilute the sugar and it may go down again. After the hour has passed feed it baby food, chicken or turkey. If you don’t have this, feed high quality can dog food, and then it may drink then rest.

This may sound frightening to anyone, but it is best to know what to do if this happens.

A well-bred Teacup poodle is just as healthy as a toy poodle.

Teacups are delicate; their life sustaining requirements are more demanding. Make sure your teacup eats on a regular basis. Watch their eating habits very closely, and avoid stressful situations.

If you have a Teacup tack this paper on the inside of your cupboard. Do not file this information where you think you can find it later. You will not have time to look for it. Write your veterinarian phone number here too.


Bathing and grooming a Teacup

Never allow a teacup to stand in a sink or tub with water in it. If the dog drops it’s head down and inhales the soapy water into its lungs it will develop pneumonia and die.

Allow the bath water to run down the drain, wet the dog then apply shampoo & condition together. To wash the face use a washcloth, rinse well. Wrap the dog in a towel, hold and cuddle for a few minutes then change the towel, more cuddle time….. When the dog has stopped shivering, blow-dry the little one on gentle heat. Then cuddle time again, it is a good idea to give a little Nutrical after the bath.

If you bring your teacup to a professional groomer,

I recommend that you bath and brush your teacup yourself the night before you go to the groomer. This will cut down on the stress time. Stay with your teacup while it is being clipped if you can. This way you can monitor the groomer, making sure they don’t sedate the dog and to keep them on there best behavior.

Make your grooming appointment in the morning when the groomer is fresh and full of patience. Clipping should only take 35 minutes, because you did the bathing, brushing and blow-drying the night before. The grooming should be cheaper. Bring your camera this is a great time to get a picture while he or she is on the table, get one with the groomer too, building a good relationship with your groomer means they will treat your teacup with tender loving care.

How you can cut down on the stress of being groomed.

When your puppy was at my home I taught it to except the noise and vibration of a clipper. I suggest you continue this training. You don’t have to run out and get a clipper, use what most homes all ready have, an electric shaver. Don’t shave the dog with it!!!

Put the plastic cap back on the blade side, all you want to do is during cuddle time take the shaver and turn it on, gently massage the pup starting away from his head. Slowly work your way up to his head, under the chin, over the snout, around the ears. Do this every day, for a week, then every 2 or 3 days, then once a week, keep it up!

Save money by grooming your dog yourself,

you will save a bundle over the life time of your poodle. All you need is sharp scissors; a slicker brush and the attitude that says you are the boss.

Brush the coat, run your finger through the fur, and what ever sticks out past your fingers cut off. Do the whole dog this way. The best thing about grooming your self you can take a couple days to do the job, the dog won’t mind a bit. Experiment have fun, if you mess up it will grow back, in 6 to 8 weeks you will be brushing up on your grooming skills again.

Soon you will be a pro!