Tarter build up is a concern for any Toy breed.

Small dogs have small mouths and tiny teeth, the dog must chew it’s food into tiny crumb like pieces before swallowing. These crumbs get trapped between the teeth. Debris the dog picks up off the floor such as hair, lint and dirt also wrap around the teeth close to the gum line. Bad breath is a warning sign.

What is the importance of a clean healthy mouth.

Bacteria grows in warm moist dark places. Bacteria brakes down health tissue, with every swallow bacteria travels into your dog digestive system, weaken the immune system and damage healthy organs.

What dose this mean?

Most likely a shorter life span for your beloved pet.

A health well cared for Poodle should live an average of 14 to17 years.

Brush with a tooth brush or rub the teeth and gums with a piece of gauze or Jay cloth this will help remove trapped food and debris.

Tooth paste for dogs.

Flavored tooth paste is available at your pet store. Find the flavor your dog will enjoy.

Does chewy toys, milk bones or raw hides keep my dogs teeth and gums clean?

Every little bit helps but it’s not enough. Chewing and gently rubbing of the gums helps strength and encourages blood circulation to the mouth.

Most toy breeds don’t like to chew long enough to be beneficial.

If it works for your dog please don’t stop.

Should I have my dogs teeth cleaned by my veterinarian?

YES every two years or sooner if need be.

Your veterinarian will sedate the dog allowing him/her to give a throw inspection of the mouth. Teeth may need to be pulled along with a cleaning.

Toy breeds tend to retain their baby teeth.

When you see adult teeth coming in, gently wiggle the baby teeth every day to encourage them to fall out. This is a great time to give your puppy something to chew. When your puppy is scheduled to be spayed or neutered have your vet remove any remaining baby teeth at the same time.

Retained baby teeth cause big problems for both dogs and human children!

Tough love says they must come out !

Tooth care was introduced to your puppy when it cut its first baby teeth. Puppies have an irresistible urge to chew and we take full advantage of it. During cuddle time each puppy’s gums and teeth are gently rubbed. When the puppies are placed into the play-pen one of there favorite toys is a tooth brush. Please never let your puppy run with a tooth brush in his mouth, we don’t want to put him in danger, we just want his teeth cleaned.

Use a sensitive or ultra-soft brush designed for people or a brush designed for pets. For a more thorough cleaning dip the tooth brush in a beef broth or a special pet tooth paste and hold the brush for him. Praise and reassure your pet throughout the process. Avoid over-restraining your pet and keep brushing sessions short and positive. Remember to clean the brush with soap and water.