Teacup poodle is a term used to describe a much smaller version of the toy poodle.

A Teacup poodle is classified as a toy poodle in the breed standard,

because it is under ten inches tall.

Breeders describe teacups by weight and height.

4 pounds or under, 8 inches tall or under. Measured from the shoulders to the floor.

Average weight of a Teacup 3 1/2 pounds.

Tiny teacups are even smaller, 3 pounds or under.

Most people think they want a Teacup,

until they discover

the extra time and care it requires.

Most people just want a small lap dog that can be left a lone for part of the day.

Large enough to jump on and off the sofa safely.

Walk to the corner store with the children.

These activities describe the Toy size poodle, averaging 7 to 8 pounds.

How did Teacup size come about?

The same way the miniature and the toy size was developed from the standard poodle,

Down sizing through many generations.

Teacup and Tiny Teacup poodles are not suited for every lifestyle.

Teacups are for stay at home people. With no small children.

Teacup adults must never be a lone longer than 3 to 4 hours.

Tiny Teacups must never be left a lone longer than 2 hours.

Teacups cannot jump off a sofa, a bed, or climb stairs.

Teacups are not suitable play mates for other dogs twice their size.


Teacups are very small dogs with very little body fat.

Fat helps keep them warm and it is where extra energy is stored.

Teacups and Tiny Teacups eat very little,

so what they do eat must be the very best.

What could happen if a Teacup hasn’t eaten or has used up all it’s stored energy.


Abnormally low blood glucose (sugar) levels.


Hypoglycemia can occur without warning to a healthy puppy.

If it is placed in a new home, misses a meal,

becomes chilled or is otherwise stressed by over playing or a traumatic event.

Emergency treatment of hypoglycemia

administer glucose. Give a quickly absorbed source of sugar (syrup, honey, or jam) by mouth.

Make sure your puppy eats on a regular basis. Watch their eating habits very carefully.

Does this mean Teacup poodles are not healthy?

A well bred Teacup is just as healthy as a Toy size poodle.

If you follow the breeders recommendations for specific teacup care

you will have a healthy teacup for many years.

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