Tiny Toy poodle is a term used to describe a smaller version of the toy poodle.

A Tiny Toy poodle is classified as a toy poodle in the breed standard,

because it is under ten inches tall.

Breeders describe Tiny Toys by weight and height.

5 to 6 pounds, 9 inches tall. Measured from the shoulders to the floor.

A five pound Tiny Toy is delicate. Some fine bone tiny toys should not be allowed to jump off a sofa or bed. Your poodle may have jumped off a few time already, but one of these times the tiny bones won’t be able to take the stress.

Tiny bones are very difficult to surgically repair.

Poodles 6 pound and up are able to participate more freely in the home and family lifestyle.

Toy poodles are ideal companions for children who have been taught to respect the needs of animals.

Parents must keep a watchful eye not to allow the dog to be over mauled.


Your puppy will have received his first and possibly the second vaccine from me. You are required to provide the remaining vaccines on time.

Booster vaccines contain several vaccines in one,

follow the same booster I have started with. Do not give other medications at the same time as your dog receives a vaccine, wait 10 days.

Bathing and grooming a Tiny toy

Never allow your poodle to stand in a sink or tub with soapy water in it. If the poodle drops it’s head down and inhales the soapy water into it’s lungs it will develop pneumonia and die.

Allow the bath water to run down the drain, wet the dog then apply shampoo & condition together. To wash the face use a washcloth, rinse well. Wrap the dog in a towel, hold and cuddle for a few minutes then change the towel, more cuddle time….. When the dog has stopped shivering, blow dry the little one on gentle heat. Then cuddle time again, it is a good idea to give a little treat for good behavior after the bath.

If you bring your poodle to a professional groomer, I recommend that you bath and brush your poodle yourself the night before you go to the groomer. This will cut down on the stress time. Make your appointment in the morning when the groomer is fresh and full of patience. Stay with your poodle while it is being clipped if you can. This way you can monitor the groomer making sure they don’t sedate the dog and it keep the groomer on their best behavior. Clipping should only take 35 minutes, because you did the bathing the night before. Cutting the toe nails will be a little longer. Grooming should be cheaper too. Bring your camera this is a great time to get a picture while he or she is on the table, get one with the groomer too, building a good relationship with your groomer means they will treat your poodle with tender loving care.

How you can cut down on the stress of being groomed.

When your puppy was a my home I taught it to except the noise and vibration of a clipper. I suggest to you to continue this training. You don’t have to run out and get a clipper, use what most homes all ready have, a man’s electric shaver. Don’t shave the dog with it!!!

Put the plastic cap back on the blade side, all you want to do is during cuddle time take the shaver and turn it on, gentle massage the pup starting away from his head. Slowly work your way up to his head, under the chin, over the snout, around the ears. Do this every day, for a week, then every 2 or 3 days, then once a week. Until he is comfortable with it.

Poodles are high maintenance because they don’t shed. Grooming can be expensive. I suggest to many of my clients to learn to groom the dog your self. All you need is a pair of scissors, nothing fancy. Brush the fur, then run your fingers through the fur and what ever fur sticks out past your fingers cut it off. Don’t worry about doing a perfect job, it will take practice, in the mean time, your poodle will love you anyway. Every 6 to 8 weeks you will need to groom again. You will be a pro in no time.

I groom all my own dogs and I use scissors 60 % of the time.